About DST

The Data Scientists Training (DST) program at North Carolina State University is a year-long exploration for high school students and educators. Led by Dr. Eric C. Chi and Dr. Ana-Maria Staicu, the program features

  • A summer bootcamp in core data science fundamentals from statistics and computer science,
  • Supervised sessions over the academic year to work on team-based data analysis projects that participants code and develop,
  • Explorations in how data science can help extract and apply relevant information to daily life,
  • Opportunities for student participants to communicate results of their year-long data analyses findings,
  • Site visit(s) to local data science companies, and
  • Career discussions with real-life data scientists about their unique career pathways.

Designed specifically to introduce high school students to potential careers in data science, this exploration program will also feature activities led by Sustainable Horizons Institute to enable students to explore, plan, and navigate their own career pathways.

Program Components

Statistics and Data Science

  • Fundamental concepts of statistics and data science
  • Basic linear algebra
  • Regression modeling
  • Clustering
  • Dimension reduction
  • Functional data analysis

Career Exploration

  • Participate in a Career Exploration Workshop
  • Interview real-life data scientists
  • Shadow undergraduate interns from the Summer Institute in Biostatistics at NC State
  • Take a field trip to visit a local data science company


  • Develop and code your own models and analysis projects using the R programming language for statistical computing and graphics
  • Explore SAS computing

Data Visualization

  • Explore and visualize trends in complex data using methods of dimension reduction and data visualization tools


Please visit the Piazza site to access the 2019-2020 program announcements, materials, and discussion forum.


The application period for the 2019-2020 program has ended. Look for applications for future programs through The Science House at NC State.

Our Sponsors

Our Team

Faculty Mentors
  • Eric Chi, Assistant Professor, Statistics Department, NC State
  • Ana-Maria Staicu, Associate Professor, Statistics Department, NC State
Program Coordinator
  • Jocelyn Chi, PhD Student, Statistics Department, NC State and volunteer coordinator for this program
Graduate Mentor
  • Xu Han, PhD Student, Statistics Department, NC State
Undergraduate Mentors
  • Mallory LaRusso, Undergraduate, Statistics Department, NC State
  • Jordan Lewis, Undergraduate, Statistics Department, NC State

Contact Us

If you'd like to find out more about the DST Program at NC State, please send an email to our Program Coordinator, Jocelyn Chi, at jtchi [at] ncsu [dot] edu.